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The basic design of Trutorq actuators are of quarter turn double rack and pinion. Unique features of the actuator are:

  • The spring encapsulation, no special tools required to change DA to SR, same overall dimensions remain the same for both types.
  • The dual encapsulated wear pads "POM" on the piston prevent metal to metal contact between piston and cylinder wall.
  • The piston racks each have an encapsulated support "GUIDE BAR" which rolls against the drive shaft and thus relieves any side loading which reduces pinion & rack wear.
  • Dual shaft bearing system to prevent any adverse loading on the driveshaft.
  • Piston back-up bearings, which are situated behind the pistons 'o' ring to ensure linear movement and prevent wear on the cylinder surface.


Increases life span of the piston ‘O’ seal and improves “reduces” friction travel.


Machined completely from solid bar including pinion (no multiple components), 100% Blow out proof, no matter what. Shaft retained by our unique Guide Bar system.


Unique 3 point Load Bearing Piston Design. Unique twin guide bar feature absorb rack and pinion load and ensure optimum teeth engagement. The dual encapsulated POM Piston wear pads absorb any adverse side loading at start of each stroke. The four off encapsulated POM Piston wear pads also ensure no metal to metal contact thus providing low friction travel.


Eliminates metal to metal contact and absorbs any adverse impact load on the Driveshaft.


Unique patented spring design, located inside piston rack. "SR" units utilise the same end covers as "DA". Long bolting is a standard feature in order to fully relax springs.

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