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Baronshire Valves and Engineers Ltd recognise the importance of providing a website that is accessible and available for all user groups.

The Baronshire Valves and Engineers Ltd website has been developed to help support Internet users who have disabilities.

The pages within this website are in line with all of the priority level 1 (A) criteria of W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as tested through Watchfire WebXACT.

Changing the style sheet:

Users can import their own style sheets into a website. In Internet Explorer, select "Tools", "Internet Options" and then "Accessibility". Next click on any or all of three checkboxes to ignore colours, font styles or font sizes. You can also change the style sheet by clicking the checkbox for 'Format document using my style sheet', then browse to your preferred style sheet and click ok.

In Netscape, select Edit, then Preferences and then Appearance. You will then be given a choice of colours and fonts.


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